Become a member.

Membership costs £75 annually and can be paid by an individual or by a company on behalf of an individual*. Upon completion of the online application, new members will be approved by the Board and shortly thereafter will receive their welcome packs.

Our Aim.

To promote Worcestershire to aspiring and local talent


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Membership benefits.

  • Access to and support from an ever growing network of like-minded individuals;
  • professional and personal development opportunities;
  • mentoring opportunities, both to learn and teach;
  • individual and business promotion;
  • access to private professional and social groups;
  • access to talks and seminars hosted by local business experts, industry leaders and ourselves;
  • members leisure discount card;
  • community engagement opportunities.

Business benefits.

  • Opportunities to improve your employee’s skill set and experience;
  • access to networking opportunities for your employees;
  • opportunities to attract and retain staff by encouraging engagement with local like-minded individuals;
  • promotion of your business and new business contacts;
  • fulfilment of your Corporate Social Responsibility through Worcestershire Advance’s community engagement.

Meet the Group

The Worcestershire Advance group come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of industry throughout Worcestershire, each one passionate about the success and promotion of our County.