Hewett Recruitment has been in business in Worcestershire for almost 40 years. It’s fair to say that a lot has changed in that time, but one thing has remained constant – the need for the County to develop, attract and retain high-quality talent to support business growth.


In recent years this has become particularly important in key industry sectors and professions such as Engineering, IT and Finance. The demand for staff to support advanced manufacturing, the growing cyber cluster and strong professional services sector have led to a highly competitive market for the best people. The fact this increase in demand has coincided with the lack of availability of IT professionals, Engineers and qualified Accountants has only served to accentuate the situation.


Changing perceptions…


The UK labour market continues to evolve…not just from the point of view of a skills shortage but also from the view of employees themselves. Many now want to work in a more flexible way – be that via flexible hours, home working or job share…and by embracing this change employers can actually start to solve some of their own recruitment problems. The idea is that employers start recruiting flexible…identifying all the different ways in which they can solve the particular recruitment problem they have. Job share is a great example of where a company can get the job done, whilst satisfying the part-time working requirements of 2 different candidates.


When talking about recruiting flexibly we always need to talk about the changing demographics of the UK too. Worcestershire is not immune to the “problem” of an ageing population…but it presents opportunities too. There is a wealth of talent in the 50+ bracket just waiting to be tapped into…as well as opportunities to retrain members of staff who already demonstrate the other key employability traits such as reliability, loyalty and diligence. These individuals can also provide vital experience to young/new businesses finding their way in a complicated and sometimes uncertain environment…and we should be encouraging this sharing of knowledge and best practice to help develop the next wave of talent coming through the County.


So what next…


Hewett Recruitment continues to be at the forefront of the skills agenda within Worcestershire, not least through our Director – and Worcestershire Advance Vice-Chair – Ben Mannion, who Chairs the Connecting Schools and Business Board and sits on the Employment & Skills Board for the WLEP. Developing the relationships between education and business is a vital element to ensuring young people are entering the world of work with the skills that employers want. If we can dovetail this approach with the knowledge and experience already in the County then we have a potent mix to help see us through what may be challenging times ahead.


  • Laura Hewett Director at our Corporate Partner Hewett Recruitment Ltd.