If any of you have been watching this summer’s guilty pleasure, Love Island, this will be one of the phrases that you have heard on almost every episode of the hit show (love it or hate it).

If you haven’t seen it… here’s a quick overview:

The contestants choose someone to “couple up” with who they believe is the best match for them, the one that they feel they will be the most compatible with and can stay coupled up with for the long haul.  At the start of the show, this process is mostly based on whether someone is their “type on paper” (blonde hair, tall, blue eyes, tanned etc), as they really have nothing else to go on, and no surprises, this rarely results in a match made in heaven!

That moment when you realise that took the wrong job offer…..

Alongside Worcestershire Advance, my day job is in recruitment, and this is something that we come up against a lot.  Candidates see a job advert and they are 100% the right candidate on paper (skill set wise), but this rarely is all that you need to create along term successful relationship.

How do you choose the right business for you?

Don’t just apply for jobs that tick all of the right boxes on a job advert (even though they seem to be 100% your type on paper…) research the company culture.  Look at “Life at…” that particular firm.  This is the place where you are going to be spending a large chunk of your week, and you need to be a like-minded bunch!  Otherwise, before long “your head will be turned” by another opportunity.

The first thing to do is to research their Employer Brand.  This maybe by following and researching their content on their social media accounts, most companies now post things that are related to their employee culture on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  Larger companies may have accounts dedicated entirely this. You will get a good feel as to whether it is a particularly corporate company, a company that partakes in a lot of networking and events or charity activity or maybe they focus a lot on training and development.  Also, a really good tool to use when you are researching a potential employer is Glassdoor.  The easiest way to describe Glassdoor is that it is like TripAdvisor for employers/employees.  You can look at reviews from current employees, past employees and people who have interviewed there and rate the interview process as a whole.  Check it out here.

Don’t just focus on the skills that they are looking for, focus on contacting the right TYPE of business that would be a good long-term match for your career.

Don’t get #Pied or #MuggedOff by coupling up with the wrong organisation.

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